Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PhotoVoice #1

We've begun a program at school called 'PhotoVoice'. This is an opportunity for our photography class to show their work to the community. We have a week (a bit more) to take our cameras with us and happily snap away. We have been given the question "Who Am I?" and we're to answer it through our photos. With the many many photos I take through this week (a bit more), I am to select roughly 50. Then I will have an interview with TJ (the guy incharge) in which we will discuss my photots and will choose 15. Those 15 will be framed and put around the Deloraine Hospital.
This is my first picture.
I love photography.
I love Mrs Sydes' SLR too.
In fact I love Mrs Sydes for letting me
borrow her SLR camera :)


  1. Wow Mrs Sydes is TOOOOO nice to you!!!! ;)

  2. Lucky you! I'm pleased to lend you a camera- you have a great eye and I love seeing what you photograph.