Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heart Written

I used this photo for my ANZAC Photography Assignment. I called it 'Heart Written'. When I was given the assignment I immediantly thought that I wanted to do something that was out of the ordinary. It was obviously based on war so I wanted to look at it from a different perspective. I didn't want to include death, blood or pain. So I looked at it from a woman's perspective. First I decided that I wanted to use my friend Meg as the model. Then I had to decide what I wanted her to be doing and what perspective of war to look at. I ended up wanting it to be a woman at home writing to a loved one. I could picture a lady in black and white writing at an old desk. I had a few issues with setting this scene. It became tricky to have my model, Meg, over at my place to take the photo.
I also had to try and find clothes that would have been worn back in 1914. I ended up finding an old white top that could have been warn back in the day and used that. I have a nice old desk at home but because it was getting tricky to organise both Meg & I and our very busy schedules we decided to do it all at school. We organised a wooden desk from the school office and placed it outside where the light was best. I borrowed Mrs Sydes SLR, dressed her up and took many photos. After doing different things with her hair, sitting her in different positions and fiddling with the whole setting I put the pictures on the computer and played with photoshop. I used different filters until I got what I was after which is the picture above.

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  1. I really like this shot- I love what you were aiming to do. Your explanation here is great. The thought you have put in to this shot and the background work you did in setting it up is brilliant. The filters applied to the photo really add to the texture. I am impressed with not only the final product here but with all the care that you put in to this photograph.